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To Bangladesh and beyond is not a travel agency; it is a gateway, bridging the gap between you and the local service providers throughout the country. It is a concept, an initiative, infusing the combined resources of Grace Tours, based in Copenhagen, Denmark, and Interspeed Media, a Dhaka based advertising company.

Via this website you will not only be able to have an overview of available destinations within Bangladesh and different levels of accommodation, (on our website, you can choose from a wide variety of accommodations – homestay hideaways, heritage hotels & palaces, rural farms, beach villas, jungle lodges, spa retreats, and even tree-houses!), but you will also be able to contact locally based hotel owners and tour guides, ask questions, provide answers and buy travel products and services all in one place.

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Metro International

Sylhet, Bangladesh

Located on the East side of Sylhet's central business district, Hotel Metro International is indeed an exemplary place for the needs of both the leisure and the working traveller with its intimate hospitality and elegant ambience.



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