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Nishorgo Fardeen Eco-cottage

Teknaf, Bangladesh
See the last of Bangladesh’s wild elephants at this locally owned, rustic 3-room eco-lodge located about two hours’ drive from the beach resort of Cox’s Bazaar, just opposite the gate of the Teknaf Ga ...
Reviewed by Mikey Leung
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900 TAKA

Nishorgo Fardeen Eco-cottage

The Nishorgo Fardeen Eco-cottage itself is little more than a concrete building with rooms at the side of the Cox’s Bazaar – Teknaf Highway. But for intrepid and adventurous responsible travellers, it’s the nearby Teknaf Game Reserve that makes the cottage an important place to visit and stay. The presence of a wonderfully wild tract of forest, where the last of Bangladesh’s wild Asian elephants roam, means that those who have any interest in wildlife watching need to stay here. If you want to spot elephants you must head into the forest early in the morning, which makes the location of the eco-cottage very convenient as it is situated at the gate of the reserve.

The cottage comprises two twin share rooms and one single room, and a simple dining area — overall the property is very austere, but because of this it is also simple and clean. The lack of facilities is due to its newness as a place for tourists to stay and see the forest – it only opened for business in 2008. Mr. Salahuddin, the proprietor of the eco-cottage, is a friendly young man who doesn’t speak much English but knows the land of the game reserve better than any other guide. From a tiny kitchen in the back, Mr. Salahuddin and his staff prepare fresh meals made from local ingredients and try their best to take care of the few guests they’re now receiving who are interested in seeing the forest.

Nature lovers and adventurous travellers would probably get the most out of a stay at the eco-cottage, as luxury and relaxation seekers won’t find a lot of modern amenities at the cottage’s rustic facilities. But if you want to support local tourism development and see it develop in such a way that puts nature and forest conservation above anything else, then there is no question that staying here is good. Compared to the rabid hotel development at Cox’s Bazaar, the cottage offers fresh air, peace and quiet, plus access to one of Bangladesh’s last remaining forest reserves. Bring a good pair of walking shoes and you’ll be sure to enjoy it.