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Lichibari Eco Cottage

Srimongol, Bangladesh

Organised, clean and rustic  resort with two bamboo cottages and one concrete building in Radhanagar, 5 km to the east from Srimangal.

Reviewed by Pratik Sengupta
Price From:
2800 TAKA

Lichibari Eco Cottage

In Bengali ‘bari’ means house. But in Radhanagar, 15 kilometer to the East from Srimangal main town, Lichi-Bari stands for a nice and clean Eco Cottage surrounded by lichi garden, wild bush and a pond with sitting arrangement along its side.

You’ve probably heard of Srimangal. If not, no problem.  Here’s a brief note for you:
Srimangal has become a famous tourism destination in last five years for its diversified offerings to the tourists from different spheres. The main attraction of Srimangal is the rain forest called ‘Lawachara’ which has attracted both the domestic and the international tourist in recent years for its biodiversity. Beside Lawachara, the Madhabpur Lake, the baikka bil bird’s sanctuary, lonely roads across the forest, the calmness and openness of the local people, rich heritage of the ethnic monipuri tribal people will certainly set you in a mood of holiday. A Holiday that captures little adventure, enough relaxation, cycling along the hilly road across the lush green tea garden and if you don’t mind -twittering of birds and whooping of monkeys just when you wake up from the bed in the morning.

Though the owner of the cottage, Mr. Shamshul, the man with lovely smile, loves to call the cottage an Eco one, no wonder you will be little surprised to see concrete foundation of the cottages. Hopefully, you will not mind to accept the philosophy behind the concrete foundation –‘Safety first.’

As the cottages are newly built, they are in good shape. It is like more or less a village stay, getting away from the hustle bustle of the city life and dipping yourself in silence ensured one hundred percent here in Lichibari Eco Cottage.

Here is the unique selling proposition for you: If you are a realist and not that demanding, Lichibari Eco Cottage could be a nice option for you for staying in Srimangal.

One more thing, although science has not found any correlation between ‘Leeches’ and ‘Lichies’, don’t dare to walk with bare feet during monsoon while you’re staying at Lichibari Eco Cottage. Otherwise, you will get a ‘free tattoo’ on your legs for sure.